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Qoheleth’ is the narrator of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. This Hebrew name is often translated ‘Teacher’ or ‘Preacher’, and originally referred to someone who gathered a congregation together in order to speak to them. His most famous catchphrase was ‘Vanity of vanities! All is vanity!’

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I have always enjoyed writing – in 2001 Crossway Books published ‘Discovering Genesis’, a straightforward commentary for home-groups, or for personal reading, which I co-wrote with my wife Tricia, and which is still available (ISBN 1856842029), currently appearing in the Amazon best-sellers list at 966,507! I have included a brief introduction to the story of Joseph from that commentary on my extracts page

I hope that one of the fringe benefits of redundancy will be to give me time to write more! I have a number of writing projects underway which, I hope, will get finished at some point in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, because it is almost impossible to get short stories and poems published at the moment, I am making some of my shorter writings available in home-made A5 booklet form. I have produced ten of these ‘Qoheleth Booklets’ so far. Extracts from most of the booklets can be read on the extracts page to give you a flavour of my writing.

1. Christmas Stories
This booklet contains three short stories and a poem based around the theme of Christmas. Read The Word on the extracts page.

2. Three Short Stories
Three very different stories, one of which has been used in at least 3 marriage services! If you want to read 1 Corinthians chapter 13: In which Christopher Robin teaches Pooh the importance of love, please go to the extracts page.

3. On Swimming with Dolphins and other poems
This contains several of my poems, mostly based on Biblical themes. I wrote On Swimming with Dolphins whilst on a retreat; it tries to wrestle with the problem of guidance when everything seems dark, and again I have included it on the extracts page.

4. Favela Children: photos and poems
A number of years ago I visited a favela (a shanty-town) in Brazil; this booklet contains photos and poems based on that experience. Read Favelachild, based on this photo, on the extracts page.

5. The Song Quartet
Three stories and a poem which explore the ‘big picture’ of the Bible from a variety of unusual perspectives. The first of these, The Song of the River, is on the extracts page.

6. The Limerick Guide to the Book of Genesis
96 limericks based on the book of Genesis; for example, from chapter 21:

Sarah at last bore a son
who brought her much laughter and fun;
but she quickly gave
the sack to her slave:
‘Get to Egypt,’ she said, ‘and run!’

Lost in the desert, she prayed,
and an angel appeared with first aid;
‘Here’s a well – please drink,
and don’t ever think
I have left you, so don’t be afraid.’

7. Third Way Articles
The text of five short articles published in Third Way magazine. Dangerous Joy, linking various Biblical texts with the writings of G.K. Chesterton, is on the extracts page.

8. Storytelling and the Mission of the Church
I’ve always loved stories! This booklet has the text of a lecture I gave to the Librarians’ Christian Fellowship in 2007: Storytelling and the Mission of the Church, and a bibliographical article (which I have placed on the extracts page) on Fictional Mission – which is a term I use to describe novels, by both Christian and non-Christian authors, in which the work of missionaries is the central focus of the plot.

9. Miscellaneous Writings
A complete potpourri of stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else! A poem, Remembrance Day Meditation, and an article, On Narratives and Networks, are on the extracts page.

10. The Limerick Guide to Israel’s Monarchy
Confused by the divided monarchy? Here’s your guide to the history of all the kings (and one queen) of Israel. For example, to help you remember the key events in the life of Jehoahaz (813-798 BC - see 2 Kings 13:1-9):

The Arameans left Jehoahaz
with an army smaller than Samoa has.
But when things got tight
Assyria’s might
helped them out of this sticky morass.

All of these booklets are available from me at £2.50 each, or £20 for all 10 (including postage within the UK). 

If you would like to buy any of these, please contact me at richard@qohelethresources.co.uk

Please note that all of these articles, stories and poems are copyrighted; do contact me if you wish to make use of them in any other setting.


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