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Qoheleth’ is the narrator of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. This Hebrew name is often translated ‘Teacher’ or ‘Preacher’, and originally referred to someone who gathered a congregation together in order to speak to them. His most famous catchphrase was ‘Vanity of vanities! All is vanity!’

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I’ve lived with books all my life – and would much rather read a physical book than look at the text on a screen. My polemic against reading books online is on the extracts page: ‘On Narratives and Networks’! 

One of my projects is selling good-quality second-hand books and periodicals. Most of these are in the broadest sense theological, although inevitably one ends up with a whole range of other books as well. I also have a wide range of books by C.S. Lewis and writers associated in some way with him, including George MacDonald, G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dorothy L Sayers and Charles Williams. 

I am just beginning this project and will eventually have a link on this page to a database of the books I have available. 

In the meantime, I also send out regular lists of books (by email) to students, church workers, and anyone else with an interest in buying them! If you would be interested in receiving such lists on a regular basis, or just a sample, please contact me at richard@qohelethresources.co.uk

I also have a significant collection of books and periodicals by and about C.S. Lewis (and friends) that several students have already used for their research. I do not lend these out, but if this is a resource that you might be interested in consulting, please email me with details of your research interests and I can let you know whether it might be worth your while visiting. And if you have anything by these writers that you might be interested in finding a good home for, do let me know!


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